Homework year 1

Scroll down for calendar information about our Christmassy activities. Welcome to our new homework grids. Children in all year groups from Reception to Y6 will receive a half termly grids with a range of exciting topic activities to complete alongside key skills tasks.

Please see the letter and 'How To' guide, below for a full explanation of how these work. Great examples of homework tasks will be celebrated in assemblies and displayed in school. You can also see examples on the Homework Heroes tab accessed via Homework Grids to the left of this page. For those children and families who produce homework digitally, we have a dedicated email address to which you can send photos, videos powerpoints etc.

Work will be forwarded to the relevant teachers. How to use the homework grids:. Websites, apps and ideas will be given. However parents need to support their children in finding the best ways to secure these facts.

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We hope this is something you can do together. This is a new approach for all of us and we would appreciate your support in implementing what we hope will make a meaningful and valuable way to complement in-school learning; at home. If you require any further assistance, please contact a member of staff.

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Copies of the grids can be found below. Downfield Primary School. Curriculum Homework Grids. Homework Grids. Copies of the grids can be found here too. Homework grids autumn 2. Homework grids autumn 1. Our school websitemobile app and podcasts are created using School Jottera Webanywhere product.A selection of our very best maths resources entirely free, updated each month.

Available for everyone, even expired accounts. At first, measuring is seen in terms of comparisons, using non-standard units eg hand spans saying which is longer, taller, heavier, lighter etc. There is also plenty of opportunity to get wet when measuring jugs of water! Encourage children to make sensible estimates related to length, mass and capacity.

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Later, common standard units of measurement can be introduced. Measuring length using non standard units such as hand spans, moving to using a ruler.

Year 1 Maths

Draw a ring round the taller thing in each pair of creatures. An introduction to the idea of a ruler for measuring.

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Measuring length using non standard units such as paper clips. Measuring using handspans - but mind your fingers! Matchsticks are a great resource for early measuring activities. A first look at estimating length, using centimetres.

Measure the length of an object with a ruler on the page. Please note the ruler is not accurate when printed. Plenty of practical work needed, using terms such as half full, half empty etc.

Early stages of using the language of capacity: half full etc. Plenty of bottles, cups and containers needed for this watery activity. Tip: if you want to stay dry use sand! A saucepan and a selection of cups and mugs for this estimating and measuring activity. Comparing amounts to a litre and remember: a litre of water weighs a kilo. Using scales to compare items using terms such as heavier than and lighter than. A set of balance scales and objects to measure needed for this activity.

Introducing the first metric unit of weight: the kilogram. A look at the new targets for Measuring in Year 1, including time and money. The latest news, articles, and resources, sent to your inbox weekly. Maths Maths Worksheets. Year 3 age Year 4 age Year 5 age Year 6 age Maths Games. Year 1 age Year 2 age Year 3 age Year 4 age Year 5 age Year 6 age MTC and Times Tables.

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Rate this Category. What is a Noun? There are 16 nouns included in this English worksheet.

homework year 1

A noun is a word that names a specific thing or set of things. Nouns can name living creatures, objects, places, actions, qualities, or idea Maths resource: Reading an abacus.

This math worksheet can be used when teaching kids about place value. Students count the beads and write the number shown on each abacus. There is also an examp In the first exercise students need In the first exercise students match sentences w In this worksheet, students can practise the form of the second conditional. In the first exercis Put BusyTeacher in your inbox.

What is the hottest continent on Earth? The Andes is a mountain range on which continent?

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Students read through the passage about the Some rocks are not from Earth at all but from way out in space. Large space rocks that orbit around the Sun are called asteroids. Smaller rocks that orbit around the Sun are called meteoroids.

An asteroid is a rocky body that tumbles and spins as it orbits the Sun. They are lumpy like potatoes and made up of carbon, rocks and metals. This science resource teaches students some interest It focuses on letting the learner choose the right This worksheet lets students review common irregular verbs and gives them the opportunity to practise the form of present perfect.Learning at Home? Try our lessons full of videos, quizzes and practice activities to help you with home learning.

Meet the Karate Cats and practice spelling, grammar and punctuation as you chop, kick and smash the challenges. Calling all Guardians! Add, divide and multiply your way to victory in our exciting maths game.

Join the Karate Cats and earn the bronze, silver and gold cups in loads of maths topics in this new adventure! Start a lesson. England KS1. Year 1 to 2. Year 3 to 6. Northern Ireland Foundation Stage.

Primary 1 to 2. Primary 3 to 4. Primary 5 to 7.

Double Digit Addition Worksheet for 1st and 2nd Grade Kids

Scotland Early level. Primary 1. Primary 2 to 4. Bun-sgoil 2 gu 4. Bun-sgoil 5 gu 7.

Year 1 Maths - New Primary Curriculum (2014)

Wales Foundation Phase. Reception to Year 2. Cyfnod Sylfaen. Play games. Karate Cats English Meet the Karate Cats and practice spelling, grammar and punctuation as you chop, kick and smash the challenges. Key Stage 1 - English. Guardians: Defenders of Mathematica Calling all Guardians! Key Stage 2 - Maths. Karate Cats Maths Join the Karate Cats and earn the bronze, silver and gold cups in loads of maths topics in this new adventure!

Key Stage 1 - Maths. All games.Find out what your child learns in Year 1 mathsYear 1 English and Year 1 science and download Year 1 maths worksheets and Year 1 English worksheets in key topics, including partitioningshapetelling the time and handwriting. You'll also find resources to prepare for the Year 1 Phonics Screening Check. Reading, writing and spelling practice for KS1 children means wordsearches, matching games, writing missing posters and more!

Our Year 1 English booster pack covers all the main literacy topics your child will learn in the first year of KS1. Just one worksheet a day will offer a fun revision session to help them with their handwriting, phonics and punctuation — and why not let your child organise a little party to make the 'writing for purpose' activity even more exciting?

Maths revision — the fun way! Our Year 1 maths booster pack covers all the main maths topics your child will learn in the first year of KS1 to help them practise their skills. Use the colourful worksheets to boost your child's confidence with number bonds, telling the time, simple addition and subtraction and first story problems, or try some of the suggested extension activities to consolidate what they've learnt at school. The Phonics screening check is used to test children's reading and phonics skills and what they've learnt in their first two years at school.

Find out what you need to know about the Phonics screening check and get an idea of what your child will be asked to do in the June test by looking through the official past papers. Then check out all the practice checks we have created. Each Learning Journey programme contains 40 worksheets that roughly match the order that your child is being taught topics at school during the year. Work through them in order to be sure your child keeps up with all the core areas of learning they need to have mastered by the end of Year 1 or, if you are a subscriber, we'll send you an email every Wednesday with recommendations for two worksheets to complete that week one English, one maths.

There are also 24 fun worksheets that we'll send you during the school holidays! Want to know if your child's Year 1 learning is on track? Get your child to work through the Year 1 Maths Progress Check and Year 1 English Progress Check and you'll be instantly be able to see where there are gaps in their knowledge. Need help? How to videos Why join? Year 1. How your Year 1 child develops.

Read more. Primary-school teacher, education writer and mum of three Phoebe Duffy highlights the key skills children learn in Year 1, and how you support their learning at home. What your child learns in Year 1 maths, English and science. Number bonds to ten tutorial. After our digital teacher has shown you how to make number bonds to 10, can you help George the goblin collect gold coins?

Recognising one quarter of an object tutorial.

Measurement Maths Worksheets for Year 1 (age 5-6)

Let our digital teacher show you how to recognise one quarter of an object, then see if you can divide some objects into quarters.Forgot password? Move your mouse over either the hexagon or the module heading and a pop up window will appear with the exact curriculum details for each module.

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homework year 1

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On this page you will find lots of information about the class and the work we are doing. Each Friday your child will bring home their homework pack, please complete the homework with your child and bring it back to school on the following Tuesday. Your child will also bring home their reading books on Wednesdays to read at home and changed the following Wednesday.

On this page you will also find lots of ideas to support your childs learning at home. Stream Videos. To access the Stream videos set for each lesson, log on to stream using your childs email address and click on the video group either Year 1 am for maths and English or Year 1 for the afternoon sessions. Once you are in the right group you need to select the videos tab to show all the videos in that group, then you be able to click on the relevant video for that lesson.

Year 1 Gallery. Home learning tools if you would like to do extra practise at home. These are targeted at individual year groups and follow the curriculum that we teach in school.

The Oak National Academy.

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By selecting 'subject', you will be able to filter lessons for specific year groups including a range of Maths, English and foundation subjects lessons. Children continue to have access to their own accounts on several learning platforms, these include:. Other useful Maths resources include:. Bartholomew's Church Gallery.

St Bartholomew's CE Primary. Stream Videos To access the Stream videos set for each lesson, log on to stream using your childs email address and click on the video group either Year 1 am for maths and English or Year 1 for the afternoon sessions. Download Document. Showing of Home learning tools if you would like to do extra practise at home Here are some sites you might find useful: BBC Bitesize BBC Bitesize are now providing daily Maths, English, Science and various foundation subject lessons each day!

Our school websitemobile app and podcasts are created using School Jottera Webanywhere product.

homework year 1

Wednesday capacity every day objects cones worksheet. Favourite book character.

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